Antony Gormley statue arrives in Oxford

Lying on the lorry On the Kingerlee lorry

Going up First attempt at securing the arms rejected

Standing on truck Ready to go, this time with an underarm lift

Covering Kingerlee men pose with statue

Balliol Going past Balliol College

Past Trinity Going past Trinity College

In the sky Approaching Exeter College

Martyrs' Cross The Bursar of Exeter College helping to align the statue with Martyrs’ Cross

Sculpture in place Final resting place


More pictures of the installation in Broad Street on Flickr


A statue of a nude man by Antony Gormley (who sculpted the Angel of the North) was placed on the roof of Blackwell’s Art and Poster shop, on the corner of Broad and Turl Streets, at 9.30am on Sunday 15 February 2009.

The 7-foot-tall statue is made of iron and weighs half a tonne, and is part of Gormley’s “Another Time II” series of figures. An anonymous benefactor provided the funds for Exeter College to secure the sculpture.


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