Pigot’s Trade Directory 1830

The buildings of Broad Street were not yet numbered when this trade directory was produced in 1830. Where a number is given within square brackets, it is the Broad Street number known to have been occupied by the business in 1846.

Nobility/Gentry Mrs Sarah Calcott
The Misses Cooke
William Halse, gent.
Miss Hoskins
Mrs Lloyd [53]
Thomas Roberts, gent. [46]
William Thorp, gent.
Academies Benjamin Sharp (musical academy)
(& Alliance Agent)
Crews Dudley [6]
Booksellers & stationers Joseph Parker (also publisher)
[26 & 27]
Boot & Shoemakers Charles Boxal
Joseph Knibbs
John Saunders
Cabinet makers & upholsterers Charles Messenger
China, glass &c dealers Susannah Seckham [48]
Confectioners & Fruiterers Fletcher & Cripps [18]
Fire office agents Norwich: G.W. Syms
Phoenix: Thomas Roberts [46]
Fish mongers J. Grant
Gardeners & Seedsmen Thomas Fairbairn (also nurseryman) [8/9]
Grocers & Tea dealers John Reynolds
Inns & Hotels Seal’s Coffee House (James Giles) [No. 34, on corner of Catte Street and Holywell]
Ironmongers John Stone (also brazier)
Land Agent & Surveyor Henry Badcock
Milliners & dress makers Ann Coker
Music & Musical instrument sellers Benjamin Sharp
Painters, plumbers,
& glaziers
William & James Bliss [Bliss Court]
John Bradfield [50]
Dudley & Bowler
Physicians John Wootton [40]
Professors & Teachers Benjamin Sharp
Stay makers Charles Lobb [22]
Surgeons &c. Edward Charles Sandell
Charles Wingfield [54]
(* = also Drapers)
*John Oliver & Son
*James Sherfield
Tallow chandler John Stone
Taverns &
Public houses
Dog & Partridge: William Wells [35]
Duke of York: Martha Cooper [52]
Elephant: Adam Owen [?37]
North Star: James Carruthers [3]
Tobacconist Edward Wells
Watch & clock makers George Rowell [probably 36]
Wine & spirit merchants George Bruton
John Perkins [47]

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