Trinity College lodge

Trinity College lodge

It is evident from the front view of Trinity college lodge (above) that it was once a cottage: the blocked-up doorway in the centre is clearly visible.

The view of the same cottage from the north (below, c.1905) shows that there is a second cottage joined at right-angles behind it: each has a separate back door leading into the garden.

Trinty cottages from the inside

This pair of cottages does not seem to have been allocated street numbers in the 1840s, which indicates that (unlike the other four cottages in the row, which were private homes until 1885) they were already being used by the college. At the time of the 1881 census they were occupied by the porter, John Smith, and six undergraduate lodgers.

Originally built in about 1680, these cottages were demolished and rebuilt in facsimile in 1970. They are jointly Grade II listed (List Entry No. 1046621) with the other cottages and the main gate.

At the side of the front cottage is the main entrance to the college: a small doorway in constant use, and then the special main gates shown on the next page of the tour. The back cottage is used as student accommodation.

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