No. 42: Former house/shop/surgery

42 Broad Street

No. 42 Broad Street was near the centre of the thirteen houses dating from the first half of the seventeenth century that were that were demolished to make way for the New Bodleian Library in the late 1930s. It was a very narrow house, and was sometimes shared with 41 next door.

The 1851 census shows Caroline Stone, a grocer, occupying Nos. 41 and 42 (the pair being numbered simply 42 by the enumerator, causing him to misnumber the rest of the row, so that 40 back to 35 on the corner become 41 to 36). Mrs Stone was then a widow of 46, living with her son and daughter and her mother of 72 who is listed as undertaking “domestic duties”: they also had one servant and two lodgers: one a journeyman watchmaker, and the other a Proctor in the Vice-Chancellor’s Court.

In 1861 Dr Acland next-door at No. 41 started to rent No. 42 and used part of it; he bought it in 1864, and continued to rent it out as a shop. In 1867 he knocked it down and rebuilt it. Jackson’s Oxford Journal for 19 October 1867 recorded that the new house “is a very handsome addition to its neighbours. The space at disposal was very small, but the architect has contrived to present a well-proportioned façade; and the way in which classic details have been represented render the frontage exceedingly chaste. The architect is Mr W.C.C. Bramwell”. Bramwell lived next door at No. 43 from 1866 to 1869.

The 1881 census shows the house occupied by William Morgan, an unmarried surgeon of 29, with his housekeeper and page-boy.

Occupants of 42 Broad Street listed in directories

After 1852 when the amalgamation of two houses for Dr Freeborn results in the loss of a number, this house gains an extra number and is listed as 41/42; then when another number is lost after Dr Acland joins two houses, it is sometimes listed as 42/43


John Hester


Alfred Hillier, Cook

1846, 1852

Caroline Stone, Grocer & Tea Dealer


J. Waldy, Linen draper


John Hughes, Keeper of the Sheldonian Theatre


This house was demolished and rebuilt in 1867.
It appears that John Hughes moved into No. 43 next door in about 1870,
but he continues to be listed at this number as well


William Lewis Morgan
Surgeon to the Radcliffe Infirmary
and (from 1889) Lecturer in Natural Science, Exeter College


Edwin Stewart Craig, MA, Surgeon to the Radcliffe Infirmary


Ernest Mallam, MB


Robert W. Doyne, FRCS, Nursing home


Edmund Cecil Bevers, MA, MB, BCh, MRCS, LRCP, Surgeon


George David Jefferson


Augustus Kendrew, LB Eng, Dental Surgeon

This house was demolished with twelve neighbouring houses in 1937
to make room for the New Bodleian Library

See the bound typescript in the Bodleian Library entitled “The Demolished Houses of Broad Street and the Freeborn Family” (1943), attributed to Emily Sarah Freeborn, and the webpage by Alan Simpson which reproduces some of the material in it.

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