Master’s Lodgings, Balliol College

Master’s Lodgings, Balliol College


The Master’s Lodgings of Balliol College were rebuilt by Alfred Waterhouse in 1867–8 at the same time as the main Balliol frontage to the east. They are Grade II listed (List Entry No. 1046766).

The arms of Robert Scott, the Master of Balliol who undertook the building programme, appear on the Broad Street front.

The following Masters of Balliol would have lived in this house between 1868 to 1965:

Master’s Lodging, c.1905

  • Robert Scott
    (Master 1854–1870)
  • Benjamin Jowett
    (Master 1870–1893)
  • Edward Caird
    (Master 1893–1907)
  • James Leigh Strachan Davidson
    (Master 1907–1916)
  • Arthur Lionel Smith
    (Master 1916–1924)
  • Alexander Dunlop Lindsay
    (Master 1924–1949)
  • Sir David Lindsay Keir
    (Master 1949–1965)

The first Master to break with tradition and live out was Christopher Hill, who became Master in 1965. At first ten rooms in the house became available for students, but the building is now used as offices.

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